Palm Quick SUP Leash


Palm Quick Release Leash

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Palm Quick SUP Leash
An elasticated 3 metre SUP leash with a breakaway safety system. Mounting your leash to a quick release waistbelt is important around currents and moving water, in estuaries, harbours and rivers. Being able to reliably disconnect from your leash can save you from becoming entangled. This leash adds a failsafe to your ability to detach from your leash under load. By setting the amount of velcro in contact at both ends of the leash you can choose the strain that is required for the leash and SUP to break away from you. With the velcro fully attached the leash will break-away at 0.5 kN. Compatible with the Quick SUP belt, Quick Rescue belt and the Quick Pro belt.


• adjustable velcro breakaway safety system
• ≤ 0.5 kN variable static breakaway strength
Dimensions 3 m length (fully extended)
Weight 75 g
Materials 10 mm high tenacity polyester accordion webbing