Terms and Conditions – Kayak and Canoe Hire

Thank you for your interest in hiring Paddlesport equipment. A booking form must be
completed, this will help us give you the very best experience and ensure you have the right
equipment and most suited venue/journey.

Hire of kayaks and canoes for personal use is defined as a non-supervised Paddlesport
activity: an activity where participants are not supervised by qualified and experienced
coaches or leaders.
Paddlesport is an assumed risk water-sport.

The hirer and party take their own risk to the person, their property, hired equipment and
third parties’ property.

The hirer and party understand participants in Paddlesport activities should be able to swim.

Due to safety reasons we do not hire to lone paddlers and operate a minimum group of two.
We do not hire to under 18s. Children and young people need to be part of a family group.
Youth, schools and groups need to contact for further information.

Hire fees and Methods of Payment

For hire fees greater than £50 and in advance of 6 weeks prior to the hire date, a deposit of
£50 per hire is payable at time of booking. The balance is due 4 weeks prior to start date of
hire. All other instances hire fees to be paid in full at time of booking.

Online via PayPal Buttons: www.docanoe.com (Full hire fees apply)
PayPal send payment to:    info@docanoe.com
BACS Transfer:                    Request Details
Credit or Debit Card:           By Phone 01743 365022
Cheque or Cash:                  By Arrangement

Cancellation or Change of Venue

Should you have to cancel, please inform as soon as possible. We may be able to offer an
alternative date or hire credit. In cases where an alternative cannot be agreed a refund will
be considered but may be subject to an administration charge. Failure to inform us will
result in forfeiting hire fees. If you choose to withdrawal from activities early, you do so at
your own risk and expense.

We reserve the right to withdraw our services in the event of any unreasonable or unruly
behaviour which impacts on others, the environment and places our staff and clients at risk.
In these cases, all hire fees will be forfeited.

In the unlikely event we have to cancel, we will inform you as soon as possible, you will be
offered an alternative date or hire credit. In cases where an alternative cannot be agreed a
refund will be considered.

Occasionally a venue may be changed due to high water levels or unforeseen circumstances,
we will advise clients of the situation at our earliest opportunity. Should you be unable to
make the new arrangement we will do our best to provide an alternative date or issue a hire
credit. In cases where an alternative cannot be agreed a refund will be considered.

Conditions of Hire

Hirer – person paying fee for use of equipment
Equipment is only for use as detailed in the hire agreement, alterations must be agreed in
advance with Drummond Outdoor and any additional costs due to said alterations to be
incurred by the hirer.

The hirer and party must be courteous to and understanding of other river users.

Buoyancy aids must be worn at all times during Paddlesport activities.

We do not hire to anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or intending to do
so whilst partaking in Paddlesport activities.

The hirer and party must not leave litter, debris or belongings on the riverbank, campsites
or in canoes and kayaks. All litter must be disposed safely and appropriately.

The hirer is responsible for returning all equipment in a clean and tidy state. Dirty
equipment may be subject to a cleaning fee.

Loss and damaged equipment

The hirer is responsible for all breakages and losses and will be charged the retail price for
like replacement.

Drummond Outdoor take no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal belongings.


The information contained in the booking form will be retained by Drummond Outdoor for
administrative purposes and in our duty of care and safety of the person named and others.
We do not pass any information to third parties, however, should it be requested in an
emergency situation, we reserve the right to do so at our discretion. All data is stored
securely either on paper in a locked cabinet or digitally on a password protected device.