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British Canoe Union Coaching Handbook £19.95

This book is a mine of useful information and practical tips. If you aspire to be a better canoe or kayak coach, this is the book for you.
The book divides into three sections: Part 1 deals with coaching theory and fundamentals such as psychology and physiology explained in terms that make sense to a practical coach. Part 2 looks at generic coaching skills that will provide useful tools whatever discipline the coach is involved in. It works its way from introducing people to canoesport right through to coaching elite athletes. Part 3 looks at specific aspects of canoesport such as slalom, racing, sea kayaking, white water kayaking, open canoeing and freestyle.

White Water Safety & Rescue: Franco Ferrero £15.95

2nd edition. Covering topics from strategies for safely descending a rapid, to making safe and recovering an injured person this guide describes the essential knowledge for every recreational paddler and professional river guide. Other topics covered include reading white water, skilful paddling, equipment design plus a whole host of other useful information.

Canoe Poling: Harry Rock £9.99
Standing Tall and Carrying the Big Stick
An important skill of the backwoods paddler and river guide, canoe polling is the fastest way of progressing upstream under human power, in shallow water it is often the only way to progress either up or down stream. This guide teaches the skills required to fill every paddler's dream of a dry trip and also describes the world of competition polling.

Kayak Rolling - The Black Art Demystified : Loel Collins £9.99
A great instructional manual giving a visual approach to learning to roll a kayak. The book is also a mine of useful information for the coach looking for tools they can use when teaching kayak rolling


Tall Stories : Andy Jackson a Biography £14.99
Andy Jackson’s death in December 2004 robbed the Scottish outdoor scene of an extraordinary personality. In this celebration of a truly inspirational life we follow Andy on kayaking adventures in Norway, Nepal, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Iceland, Turkey, Chile and of course his native Scotland.
Stories and articles from Andy himself, his friends and family recount his adventures with all the joie de vivre he showed; as a campaigner, kayaker, skier and paraglider. From his scrapes with the ‘Polis’ and authorities to his worldwide catalogue of first descents. Above all Andy will be remembered for his ability to befriend and inspire everyone he met.

Scottish Sea Kayaking : D Cooper & G Reid  £19.99
Fifty Great Sea Kayak Voyages.
A selection of 50 great sea voyages around the mainland of Scotland & the Western Isles.
Scotland’s first guidebook for sea kayakers wishing to explore its amazing coastline and magical islands. It brings together a selection of fifty great sea voyages around the mainland of Scotland, from the Mull of Galloway in the SW to St Abb’s Head on the east coast, as well as voyages in the Western Isles, ranging from day trips to three day journeys.
Illustrated with superb colour photographs and useful maps throughout, it is a practical guide to help you select and plan trips. It will provide inspiration for future voyages and a souvenir of journeys undertaken.

Scottish Canoe Touring £14.95
An SCA Canoe & Kayak Guide

Where can I go canoeing?
Find the answers right here, with 128 great canoe and kayak trips and 11 cross-Scotland routes in a unique guide for those seeking gentler waters. A guide for canoeists and kayakers to the gentle rivers, canals and lochs of Scotland. This guide is aimed at those looking for calmer waters - rivers, canals, inland lochs and sheltered sea lochs. Routes described cater for all tastes, from those seeking an idyllic afternoon’s paddle to those looking for a multi-day canoe-camping expedition.

Discover Canoeing   £15.99
A complete introduction to open canoeing
A complete introduction to open canoeing. Discover Canoeing is a journey through the sport of open canoeing, its history, the modern canoe and the future. James Weir gives a fresh approach to one of the oldest forms of transport known to man. Colour photos and sequences show each of the techniques stage by stage, from getting afloat on calm waters, paddling with a partner, going on a trip or expedition, navigating rapids and righting yourself with an Eskimo roll after a capsize. Full of tips, tricks and know-how, this book has all you need to know to paddle your own canoe, stay safe and have fun.

The Canoe: An Illustrated History - Jim Poling  £17.00  Now £14.95
An Ilustrated History
This book explores the relationship between North Americans and the canoe - from its place as a symbol of aboriginal mobility, spirituality and craftsmanship to its role as an instrument for commercial trade, recreation and sport.
With historic accounts of famous canoe trips and infamous battles, detailed explanations of canoe building - a craft that is very much alive today - and more than 80 photographs, this is the must-reading for paddlers and historians alike.

White Water Pyrenees £15.95
85 White water rivers in France & Spain for Kayakers Canoeists and Rafters
The first quality guide in English. 1000km of river desriptins with 30 full page river maps.
Huge variety of runs from grade 2 - 5.

BCU Canoe & Kayak Handbook £18.95
The complete paddlesport reference book, a completely re-written 3rd edition (now in full colour). Written by enthusiastic and current British Canoe Union coaches and practitioners, this book is an invaluable source of information for both novice and expert alike. For the newcomer it will provide a firm foundation in their chosen aspect of the sport. The coach or experienced paddler will find it invaluable as an update to current theory and practice; an introduction to new aspects of the sport; and a pointer to other sources of information such as relevant books and websites.

Scottish White Water - The SCA Guidebook £15.95
290 runs on 231 rivers. Updated during 2004, with the addition of 42 new rivers, a whole bag of new runs, and SEPA online gauge information. Within, you will find descriptions of both well-known classics and little-known gems. The guidebook covers the length and breadth of the country and provides something for everyone, whatever the conditions. Whether you are a whitewater novice or an out and out hair boater, you need this book. With maps, pictures and first hand accounts, here is a guide that captures the spirit of Scottish whitewater. The proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards protecting and enhancing access to the rivers that we all enjoy.

English White Water The BCU Guidebook £15.95
250 river runs and play spots on 170 rivers. The British Canoe Union Guide to the white water rivers of England. The first comprehensive guide to the white water rivers, play spots and artificial white water courses of England. Here you will find descriptions of both well-known classics and little-known gems. It covers the length and breadth of England and provides something for everyone, whatever the conditions. Whether you are a white water novice or an out-and-out hair boater, you need this book. Produced in the same format as the acclaimed Scottish White Water guide and illustrated with maps, symbols and photos, this guide is an essential tool for canoeists and kayakers.

Sea Kayak : Gordon Brown  £15.95
This book is a modern guide to sea kayaking by one of the leading exponents of the sport who is also a highly respected coach in this field. Gordon Brown is a BCU Level 5 sea coach based on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. He shares his knowledge with you in his own succinct humorous style and very visual approach. In this book Gordon covers topics of kayaking history, physiology, boat and paddle dynamics, seamanship and navigation, safety and rescue, weather forecasting, caves, rockhopping and tidal races, expeditions and overnighting, as well as a wealth of tips and resources for the sea paddler. This is a visually stunning book printed on 170gsm silk paper filled with top quality photographs. Over seventy photographs and illustrations help to make this an essential modern manual for the sea kayaker.

Scottish Canoe Classics : Eddie Palmer £15.99
Twenty-five Great Canoe & Kayak Trips
An illustrated guide to some of the finest tours of Scotland’s waterways. Wild lochs, placid canals and broad rivers, as they can only be seen from a canoe or kayak. Eddie has chosen his favourite twenty-five inland touring routes and described them in great detail. The routes are beautifully illustrated with numerous colour photos and maps. The selected routes are suitable for open canoes, sit-on-tops and touring kayaks. Many of them can be tackled as a single voyage or a series of day trips, with campsites en route. The journeys are all accessible but highly varied, taking place on inland lochs, sheltered sea lochs and rivers (of an easy nature, up to grade two). A wonderful book for planning voyages and inspiring dreams, or sharing your experiences with others.

Welsh Sea Kayaking:  Jim Krawiecki & Andy Biggs £19.99
Fifty Great Sea Kayak Voyages
A selection of fifty great sea kayak voyages around the coast of Wales.
From the Dee Estuary to the Bristol Channel, the Welsh coastline in all its varied guises provides a fantastic playground for the sea kayaker. The fifty journeys selected cover all of the interesting parts of the coast and provide easy sheltered paddles, testing offshore trips for the adventurous and everything in between.
Illustrated with superb colour photographs and useful maps throughout, this book is a practical guide to help you select and plan trips. It will provide inspiration for future voyages and a souvenir of journeys undertaken.
As well as providing essential information on where to start and finish, distances, times and tidal information, the book does much to stimulate and inform our interest in the environment we are passing through. It is full of facts and anecdotes about local history, geology, scenery, seabirds and sea mammals.
A fascinating read and an inspirational book.

Pub Paddles : Peter Knowles £19.95
Best Short Canoe Trips in Southern England
This is an inspiring, high quality paddling guidebook for the South East of England. It is written for the recreational, non-specialist paddler and the trips are suitable for all kinds of canoes, kayaks, sit-on-tops and inflatables. The guidebook will also be useful for group leaders planning organised trips.
•A family-friendly guide.
•26 easy but interesting paddling trips. Mostly 1-3 hours long, within an hour or two of London and with good access and parking.
•Pubs and tea shops. Castles and camping. Canoe and kayak hire.
Produced in association with Canoe England. All trips thoroughly researched, selected, and tested by
Peter Knowles. Peter is a world renowned expedition kayaker who has written and produced many popular and successful guide books.


Canoeing : Ray Goodwin £16.99
A thoroughly modern book on the traditional open canoe.
This book covers all aspects of the open canoe, from design to wilderness travel. What really sets it apart is its focus on canoeing techniques.
Ray Goodwin is one the UK’s best known canoe coaches. By introducing some of the latest canoeing performance skills, based on what he has discovered through decades of coaching and guiding, he sets out to inspire a new generation of paddlers. Through clear language and the use of photographs acquired over many years of paddling around the world, he shares some real insights of the reality of canoeing; sometimes gritty, but always enthralling.


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